Who we are

Tecknocrat is fully operated steel detailing company, with our registered offices located in Ohio, USA and New Delhi, India.Tecknocrat is a service company specializing in 3D modeling, Steel Detailing and BIM Services. Size, global reach, adoption of leading edge technology, software and innovative processes keep Tecknocrat’s employees challenged and productive for the benefit of their customers.Our team comprises of dedicated professionals, who are well versed with AISC, OSHA , FEMA and other industry standards. We provide files like KSS, EJE, DXF and DSTV for fast production at Shop.Our growth is fueled by a core team of highly qualified and experienced detailers and engineers equipped with state of the art software such as TEKLA by Trimble.After setting up its business base in 2004 Tecknocrat has been steadily progressing as a full service steel detailing company, specializing in 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Modeling and Detailing.Over the last many years Tecknocrat has established an excellent reputation and relationship with our valued clients and we have been praised for our integrity, commitment and honesty in our everyday dealings with our clients.We are keenly aware that sound reputations, competence and confidence within the Structural Steel Detailing sector are developed over time. Therefore, we know we must continue to evolve and improve in order to honor the level of trust that our Clients place with us. Tecknocrat’s new approach has this goal firmly in mind as we accept the continuing challenge to always remain at the forefront of our ever evolving industry.”


To be the world class standard for structural steel detailing companies by:
• Being the preferred vendor of choice by servicing our clients to create economic success in each project.
• Creating a place of employment where we can learn, grow and be fulfilled in the work we do.


To create the best structural steel detailing company globally

Company Operation

Tecknocrat through collaboration with project design consultants and by using our effective in house control systems we are able to deliver an accurate priority scheduled, resourced, managed and tracked project from beginning to end.

Procedures include
1. Document control systems – Recorded incoming an outgoing drawings and documentation
2. Electronic file transfer ability – access to Tecknocrat’s own secure and controlled individual client accessible FTP site & Unlimited Drop Box Storage.
3. In house dedicated checkers
4. Project Management
5. Project coordination facilitation
6. Electronic disaster recovery system which includes off site backup

What is the future for Tecknocrat

Tecknocrat regularly upgrades our CAD programs and everyday office software, we have also installed state-of-the-art hardware throughout the office.

As part of our promise of dedicated excellence and improvement, Tecknocrat are committed to suppling a quality service in the production of professional, legible and accurate structural steel detail shop drawings to our clients.

We look forward to being a part of your new project that is both rewarding and mutually beneficial.